Passion for eye care and a passion to make you smile


Naeema Badat

B Optom. UJ

Obtained B.Optom degree in 2013 from the University of Johannesburg

Mphil optometry UJ

Furthering my studies I have done my masters degree, MPhil.Optom in Diabetes mellitus and keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, at the University of Johannesburg.

Hi, I’m Na’eema Badat, and if you haven’t yet guessed it I am the “NB” from NB Optometrist. I am a passionate optometrist based in Johannesburg. Optometry is close to my heart as I experienced my first eye exam at the age of 8, and instantly knew that helping people as well as enabling them to feel comfortable in their pair of specs was something I wanted to do. Not only assist in enhancing one of our most basic senses, but also creating self-confidence with the different styles and colours of frames that one could have. Dealing in the health care sector is something I am extremely grateful to be doing, being the primary health care provider for so many people and the first line of care and diagnoses of some underlying conditions is a reward like none other. 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me personally.


Luxury Eyewear & Professional Eyecare

NB Optometrist was established in November 2018. The inspiration behind this practice was to facilitate a larger population while still maintaining and treating each person to their specified needs. This practice aims to provide outstanding eye care and boasts a variety of different brands and styles both in frames and lenses tailored to meet the needs to our patients.


In 2021 NB Optometrist has expanded and opened its second location in the Northcliff area. A tranquil and warm space specializing in designer eyewear collections and the same all around optical care we strive towards.

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